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When your Okuma CNC Machines fail, you need them up and running fast... and you need them to work right the first time.

We have developed custom test stands for Okuma CNC Machines that simulate real working plant conditions. We can fully test and repair MIV Dual Axis Servo Drives, MIV Spindle Drives, MIV Single Axis Servo Drives, MPS Power Supplies,MPR Power Supplies among others.


Just Some Of Example Models We Repair:

  • MIVxxxx-x-Bx (i.e MIV0203-1-B5)
  • MIVxx-x-Vx (i.e MIV11-3-V5)
  • MIVxx-x-Bx (i.e MIV02-1-B1)
  • MPSxx (i.e MPS20)
  • MPRxx (i.e MPR10)