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Robotics are everywhere in industry today and Paragon Technologies is the proud owner of many of the available varieties. We’re not just avid collectors, although we do love robots.

We’ve invested millions into building our own in-house fleet just so we can thoroughly test your robotics repairs the right way, installed on the same device that the repair fits.

From Fanuc and ABB to Kuka and MotoMan and a whole lot more, the vast array of robotics brands we can repair is matched only by our extensive experience fixing them. Paragon Technologies’ technicians are also all fully certified. They have years of experience making the robotics repairs you need right now -- fast. The same technician who will perform your repair will also check your product in, disassemble it and clean it and thoroughly test it.

This ensures you that you never pay for any part or process that isn’t required when Paragon handles your problem.

Our extensive array of purpose-specific test stations and in-house robots also enables us to thoroughly test your repaired product, making certain it meets the original manufacturer’s performance benchmarks before it’s returned to you. We want your repair to work the first time and we guarantee its performance. You also get complete reporting and tracking all the way through our uniquely detailed process, making it second to none.

With Paragon’s multiple full ISO9001:2008 North American locations, our top-flight highly trained technicians, our unique service process and our fully detailed reporting and tracking every step of the way, you can opt for a Paragon repair over replacement for your next robotics-related repair knowing you’ll save money and time.

There are a number of ways to easily contact us through this Website. You can request a bid through our online form or call one of our experienced uptime facilitators at a Paragon facility near you for a fast estimate. We’re always standing by, ready to keep you always working.

Just Some Of The Many Brands We Repair:

  • ABB Robotics
  • Comau
  • Fanuc
  • Kuka
  • Motoman
  • Nachi
  • Ranger