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Paragon's Repair Process

Paragon’s repair process is superior in many ways.

One key to our success is that our fully qualified technicians not only perform the repair of your product, they are also involved in the initial evaluation process.

Before you even approve a repair, knowledgeable technicians will actually perform a bench level evaluation of your device, checking every aspect of it against our massive Paragon "Para-Wiki" which contains notes on the hundreds of thousands of repairs we've done over the years.

By doing this, we can make certain your quote is accurate and that the repair itself is performed as quickly as possible, with a level of quality that meets or exceeds OEM specifications.

Here's a breakdown of our repair process:

  1. Track: When your repair arrives at Paragon, it’s immediately tagged, and logged into our proprietary tracking system.
  2. Evaluate: We submit your repair to a full battery of diagnostic tests to determine what’s wrong, and how to best fix it.
  3. Estimate: Once your repair is evaluated, a quote is emailed, faxed, or delivered to you.
  4. Repair and Test: Our certified technicians repair your part, and then est the repair to make sure it meets or exceeds OEM specs.
  5. Ship: All repairs are packaged securely, and shipped or delivered back to you.