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electronic repair

Paragon Technologies eats, sleeps and breathes electronics repair.

Just as electronics are central to all modern industry, restoring electronics back into top operating condition is one of our central passions. When you combine that passion with our dedication to fast, accurate repair, you know you can count on Paragon to keep you always working.

Our experienced, certified technicians are well-equipped to quickly repair or rebuild your motor drives, monitors, teach pendants, PLCs, printed circuit boards, light curtains, power supplies, encoders, welding machines, barcode scanners, timers, counters and temperature controls, from literally hundreds of different manufacturers, at any of our multiple locations throughout North America.

The broad variety of electronics brands we repair is mind-boggling. Our technicians not only have the experience to repair or refurbish even the most esoteric of electronics, they are also constantly updating their training, to stay in touch the latest new technologies and advanced electronics as soon as they are available.

Paragon’s repair process itself is, simply put, second to none. A technician will quickly assess the necessary repair as soon as your product arrives. Your bid will arrive promptly, complete with a complete report of the technician’s findings and details of repair that’s necessary.

The same technician who performed the assessment will, once we get your approval, repair your product, bringing it back to operation at full OEM specifications.

You never have to test a Paragon repair at your end of the line. That’s just part of Paragon’s “always working” promise – but it’s an important one. When your repair is completed, we’ll fully test it on a purpose-built test station, to make absolutely certain your product is operating back to peak capabilities before it’s shipped to your door.

Paragon’s multiple locations, highly qualified technicians, unique repair process and extensive detailed tracking and reporting help make absolutely certain your repair will work reliably and keep working, saving you money with the least possible downtime every time.

There are many ways to access our services. For rapid pricing you can easily live with, simply make use of our online quotation system, or give one of our experienced uptime facilitators a call at the Paragon facility nearest you.