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Vane Motors

From small palm-sized motors to the largest injection screw motors, Paragon has the capabilities, equipment and the parts knowledge to repair your motor fast and correctly.

Repair Procedures:

  • All depth of metering, timing notches, lubrication grooves and seal grooves are checked. Those that are not in tolerance are repaired as needed.
  • The plate surface is treated with a nitrate coating that ensures low leakage, high torque capability, longer service life and even increased cycle times in many applications.
  • Every cam ring inside contour is refinished using a series of polishing wheels that follow the contour to smooth out even the slightest surface imperfections without changing the slope and dwell angles (that retain perfect vane stability). The case hardened ring has more than enough surface treatment to withstand this polishing.
  • After the surface is polished a severe duty proprietary coating is applied to the inside ring contour to reduce ring wear and lengthen its service life.
  • All vanes are checked with a micrometer for thickness. Each set is refinished as a group to ensure they are all the same length. Vane tip-to-ring surfaces are restored to provide a proper vane-to-tip wear pattern.
  • Every motor that Paragon remanufactures is assembled using new springs and rotors that ensure the proper load on the vanes as well as the proper vane slot dimensions.

Brands We Repair:

  • Bosch
  • Denison
  • Moog
  • Racine
  • Rexroth
  • Vickers