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Calzoni Motors

Calzoni radial piston motors are one of Paragon’s signature repair items. We have the parts, knowledge and testing capabilities required to properly repair these high performance motors. Our specially designed test stand is rated to 25,000 lb/ft of torque ensuring each motor is 100% load tested before it leaves our facility.

Our certified hydraulic technicians thoroughly inspect the rotor, distributor plates and pistons to ensure all critical internal tolerances are within OEM specification. All spare parts such as gaskets, bearings, rotors, lip seals and o-rings are replaced with 100% genuine Calzoni parts so you can rest assured your repaired motor will perform perfectly for years to come.


Repair Procedures:

  • Replace all seals, o-rings and gaskets with OEM spare parts.
  • Replace all bearings with premium SKF bearings to ensure longevity and smooth operation
  • Precision lap all distributor surfaces. This increases the overall performance and internal efficiency of the motor.
  • Replace rotor if any defects are found on the eccentric lobe
  • Repair bearing journals as necessary.
  • Perform volumetric efficiency test.

Some of the Series We Repair:

  • MFV Single/ Double (Axial)
  • MR-MRE (Radial)
  • MRD-MRDE (Radial)
  • MRT-<RTE/F (Radial)