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mechanical repair

It’s tough to find a mechanical industrial repair Paragon Technologies can’t handle.

Whatever mechanical problem you have, our team of top-flight fully certified technicians can most likely solve it quickly and reliably.

We know you need your repair done now and you want it done right. Paragon is fully prepared to provide our guaranteed quality repair or remanufacture of your motors, actuators, water and slurry pumps, vacuum pumps, and nut runners at all of our North American locations.

One of our experienced, certified technicians will quickly assess the necessary repair and get you a bid. The same technician will get your product back in shape and operating at OEM specifications.

When your repair is completed, we also fully test your product on purpose-built test stations, making absolutely certain it’s operating back to peak capabilities before it’s shipped back to your door. You never have to test a repair at your end of the line and that’s only a part of the Paragon “always working” promise.

Paragon’s multiple locations, highly qualified technicians, unique repair process and extensive detailed tracking and reporting help make absolutely certain your repair will work reliably and keep working, saving you money with the least possible downtime to get it done.

Our Website offers many ways to access our services.

For rapid pricing you can easily live with, simply make use of our online quotation system, or give one of our experienced uptime facilitators a call by dialing the customer service center at a location nearest you.