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Paragon remanufactures all types of hydraulic cylinders and rams including telescopic and large bore types. Our process requires the cylinder to undergo intense and thorough inspection during the evaluation phase to ensure a fast and quality repair.

Once the cylinder has been completely remanufactured, it is 100% tested to rated pressure and an internal leakage or “drift” test is performed. After passing test, the cylinder is freshly painted then packaged just like a new unit would be.




Repair Procedures:

  • Disassembled and inspected for non-performing parts and defects.
  • Replace or hone barrel as necessary.
  • Repair or replace rod as necessary.
  • Replace all seals, gaskets and packings
  • Check tie rod tensile strength to specs.
  • Inspect & repair threaded connections and mounting surfaces.
  • Test cylinder to 100% rated pressure along entire stroke.
  • Adjust cushions.
  • Repainted to OEM colors & finishes.