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Gear Reducers

Gear reducers and increasers are a major component in industry, playing a huge role in the operation of machinery utilized by large and small manufacturers and in industrial operations from chemical processing facilities, paper mills, and small manufacturing to utility power plants and oil refineries.

When gear reducer or power transmission repair is necessary, you can always turn to one of Paragon Technologies’ multiple locations for fast, reliable repair by a certified, qualified technician.

At Paragon, your downtime is our concern and we’re determined to keep it to an absolute minimum.


We’re well-versed in the total repair of all types of gear reducers, gear increasers and power transmissions of every variety, be they helical, spur, worm, planetary, spiral bevel, hypoid gearboxes or traction drives. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can get your product operating back to original OEM specifications fast, reducing your downtime and eliminating the need for costly replacements, regardless of who manufactured it.

As soon as your product arrives, a certified Paragon tech will perform the necessary inspection and tests to determine exactly what the problem is and what is needed to fix it. Then, that same experienced technician will, upon your approval, also perform the necessary repair.

Before it is returned, your product will be fully tested on a test station specifically designed for the task, to make sure you never have to test our repair on the job, in your installation. This unique repair process ensures you that your repair is done right and that you will never have to pay for more than what was actually needed to bring your product back to full OEM specified operating capacity.

Paragon has technicians you can rely on and multiple locations, so we’re never too far away, helping to reduce downtime and get your repair back in your hands, working as you expected the first time. Give us a call or contact us through this site and we’ll show you what “always working” is all about, the Paragon Technologies way.

Just Some of the Brands We Repair:

  • Dresser
  • Falk
  • Cleveland
  • Philadelphia
  • D.O. James
  • Foote Brothers
  • Eurodrive
  • Nuttal
  • Delroyd
  • Cone Drive Textron
  • Sumitomo
  • Vari-Master
  • Lightnin
  • Dorris
  • Westinghouse