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When we started more 25 years ago, Paragon Technologies was a single guy with an old pickup truck serving the Detroit area. We’ve grown a bit since then. Our reputation for extra-fast, top-quality industrial repair and service spread quickly. Today, Paragon Technologies is a group of service and repair companies serving an impressive array of customers internationally.

To better serve our large growing list of customers wherever they’re located, we now offer access to five full ISO9001:2008 status facilities throughout North America and Europe: Paragon Great Lakes in Warren, MI; Paragon Pacific in Henderson, NV; Paragon Atlantic in Charlotte, NC; Paragon Canada in Stoney Creek, Ontario and Sint Lenaarts, Belguim.

Each of our facilities is fully staffed with the very best certified technicians you can find. Each is also loaded to the hilt with a vast array of repair equipment, parts, accessories, robotics and purpose-built test stations, so you can always select a location nearest you for your repair, knowing you’ll always get Paragon’s rapid-fire “just down the street” service, unparalleled quality and accountability.

You can also always give our nearest facility a call if you have any specific questions or need us to prepare a complex quote. One of our trained uptime facilitators will be happy to help you and get they’ll get you a quote that won’t disappoint you. We’ll get your service and repair needs moving forward quickly and affordably every time because, at Paragon, our goal is to keep you always working.