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Our Capabilities

Paragon Technologies is here to help you solve some of your biggest headaches and save you money in the process. We’re fully capable of handling almost any problem you might throw at us because we’re devoted to keeping you always working.

Our multiple North American locations enable us to provide “just down the street” rapid-fire service, enabling you to minimize your downtime. But, that’s just where the savings begin when you choose a Paragon repair or rebuild.

Each of Paragon’s technicians is certified in the specific repairs they perform and they are constantly refreshing and updating their training, to keep their abilities razor sharp. They are also experienced. Paragon technologies only works with the very best technicians in the world and many of ours have been with us for years -- some since we first expanded beyond that single-truck enterprise so long ago.

Each of our facilities is also fully loaded with millions of dollars worth of repair and fabrication equipment and materials, parts, robotics and purpose-built test stations. We provide our highly qualified technicians everything they need to give you with the absolute pinnacle of quality in industrial repair and service, faster than anyone else on earth.

This combination of top-notch technicians and our investment in each of our locations also enables Paragon Technologies to provide you with service, repair and re-manufacturing of a simply stunning array and variety of industrial electronic, hydraulic and servo controls.

Whatever challenge you face, just fill out our online quote request form on this site or give one of our trained uptime facilitators a call at the Paragon facility nearest you. There’s almost no challenge we can’t quickly help you resolve and we’ll save you up to 80% of the cost of replacement in the process.