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Why Choose Paragon

Paragon Technologies services and repairs a wide range of industrial electronic, hydraulic and servo controls for companies large and small in a multitude of industries.

Components can be repaired, remanufactured or ordered by model and part number true to the OEM.

Our existing customers all chose Paragon for good reason. They stay for many more. When you compare the cost of repair versus replacement, the huge savings are tough to ignore, so long as the repair is done correctly the first time and returned quickly, so you can get your equipment back online and working in the least amount of time possible.

When it comes to quality, our technicians are all certified by the professional association that governs their specialization. Each is experienced in handling the specific repair you need. We also maintain full ISO9001:2015 status at all of our North American locations.

We fully understand that when it comes to your repair needs, speed and quality are everything. That’s why we’ve also invested millions building task-specific test stations and maintaining a fleet of industrial robots to test your components on before returning them to you.

You can also track the progress of your repair every step of the way. Thanks to Paragon’s unique tracking and reporting system, each and every repair Paragon does is returned to you with a comprehensive report that includes all the data generated while your repair was at Paragon.

Our stellar reputation, extensive experience and unique repair process make it easy for you to trust Paragon Technologies with your next repair.

Paragon is prepared and ready to handle all types of electronic, servo, robotics, hydraulic, and mechanical components from hundreds of different manufacturers in thousands of configurations -- and we can handle them at any of our multiple North American locations.

We want to make it easy for you to work with the Paragon facility nearest you, so we always provide you with the same service and attention to detail -- not to mention accountability -- you would expect from a supplier located just down the street.

At Paragon Technologies, it’s clear to see we’re totally devoted to making sure you’re always working. Our Website offers many ways to access our services. For pricing, simply make use of our online quotation system, or give one of our experienced uptime facilitators a call by dialing the customer service center at a location nearest you.

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