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Paragon Repair Services

At Paragon Technologies, we are constantly work to keep you up and running, providing top-flight refurbished items that are virtually indistinguishable from their brand new counterparts. And we’ve custom-built our own special processes for getting the job done fast.

Electronic Repair: Just as electronics are central to all modern industry, restoring electronics back into top operating condition is one of our central passions. When you combine that passion with our dedication to fast, accurate repair, you know you can count on Paragon to keep you always working.

Servo Repair: Whether your repair involves servo valves; proportional valves; or AC, DC or spindle servo motors, our highly trained, experienced and certified technicians can get them back to OEM-specified operation quickly.

Robotics Repair:
From ABB and Fanuc to Kuka and MotoMan and a whole lot more, the vast array of robotics brands we can repair is matched only by our extensive experience bringing them back to “like-new” life. Our massive growing fleet of in-house industrial robotics helps us make sure every rebuild we do works the way a replacement should.

Hydraulic Repair:
Paragon Technologies is fully prepared to bring your hydraulic pumps and motors, calzoni motors, valves, cylinders and actuators back to health, operating at OEM specifications and in your hands quickly.

Mechanical Repair: Paragon is fully prepared to provide our guaranteed quality repair or remanufacture of your motors, actuators, water and slurry pumps, vacuum boosters, power transmissions and nut runners at all of our North American locations.

In all cases, our massive parts inventory, multiple North American locations, expert, fully-qualified technicians and our unique processes make sure we can repair or refurbish your items to OEM specifications, and get your items back to you as soon as they're ready.

You can always rest assured you made the right choice when you choose Paragon Technologies as your “ace in the hole.”