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Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps make much of industry today possible.

They are vital to operations such as metallurgy, coating, and drying, to name but a few. Operations requiring high levels of controllable vacuum, including melting, casting, surface coating, creating alloys, assembling metal parts, and coating surfaces, rely on dependable vacuum pumps to get the job done today. They’re also used to assist a great many processes, from freeze drying food and pharmaceuticals, to drying electrical power transformers before sealing, and pipe lines prior to commissioning. As a result, when a vacuum pump fails, your operation can be seriously impacted.


You can depend on Paragon Technologies to quickly restore any problematic vacuum pump back to OEM specifications for you, regardless of who manufactured the pump. The same experienced, certified Paragon technician who will do the repair, also performs the initial inspection, to ensure accuracy in our bidding, so you only pay for repairs that are necessary.

After the job’s done, the pump is then run on one of our specialized in-house test stations where its performance is tested against OEM specifications before it’s returned to you, with full reporting precisely what was done.

Because of our unique repair process and multiple locations, Paragon has gained a reputation for rapid turnaround you can rely on, keeping your downtime to a minimum and eliminating the much higher cost of replacement. Our goal is to keep you working and we’ll prove it with every challenge you trust us to handle on your behalf.

Just Some of the Many Brands We Repair:

  • Alcatel
  • Edwards
  • Kinney
  • Leybold
  • Oerlikon
  • Stokes