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Fanuc RJ S5

When it comes to dispensing applications, the Fanuc RJ/S5 robot delivers reliably, with absolute encoder positioning and a 5kg payload making it an even more versatile part of your business. Extending the life of this equipment with remanufacturing by Paragon Technologies can easily save you a replacement that could cost three to five times more, without sacrificing reliability or uptime.

You need to maintain maximum uptime for your Fanuc RJ/S5 robots, so you need more than just a repair.

That’s why Paragon Technologies goes beyond the simple replacement of components our competitors offer, instead returning a robot to you that’s totally OEM quality remanufactured, from cables to motors, wrists, drives – even nuts and bolts. With a turn-around second to none, you’ll be up and rolling again quickly, putting tremendous savings in your pocket when we do.

Just call an experienced Paragon Uptime Facilitator at the nearest Paragon location to you. They’ll walk you through the gigantic savings you’ll see when you remanufacture your Fanuc RJ/S5 robot, rather than replacing it – keeping an otherwise perfectly good, totally reliable piece of equipment in service.

Repair Procedures:

  • Purge and grease all gear boxes, RV Reducer cavities, and bushings.
  • Motor brake test.
  • Visually inspect for damaged connectors,
  • replace when needed.
  • Test all cables for wear and damage.
  • Paint robot.

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