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Paragon Europe

Paragon’s European facility is located in Sint Lenaarts, province Antwerp, Belgium.

Paragon Europe became operational in September 2013 and provides rapid repair turnaround for our European customers. This location repairs all hydraulic,electronic and servo components and has access to a very large inventory of parts and units from within the Paragon network.

If you are located in Europe, this is the facility you will want to choose for all your repairs. When you need service or repair, we understand you need it right away. Chances are good that you’re losing money every moment that your machine is down. Paragon will go above and beyond what is required to ensure quality work. At Paragon we do not stop at just repairing your part, we specialize in its total remanufacturing, striving to keep you always working.


Meet Our Team

Andre Verhertbrugge
Director of European Operations