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Husky Valves

Husky is world-renowned for their injection molding equipment.

And for good reason.

Their equipment is always the best in their class, used by customers in more than 100 countries to manufacture a wide range of plastic products including beverage bottles and caps, food containers, medical components and parts for consumer electronics. That’s also why Paragon Technologies is proud to repair the components that keep Husky injection molding equipment humming.

In particular, we understand the servo valves your Husky equipment depends upon for continued reliable operation. Any time you have any problems with a Moog servo valve or servo-proportional valve on your Husky equipment, you can count on us to fully restore it to Husky’s high standards and get it back into your hands fast. With our multiple locations and in-house custom-built test stations, we’re never far away, and we’ll fully test your repair before it’s shipped, so you never have to test our work on-site.

Our Repair Procedures:

  • Visual inspection and evaluation on test stand for initial comparison to manufacturer's specifications.
  • Valve is disassembled into individual parts.
  • Every part is chemically cleaned with solvents.
  • Torque motor is dismantled down to wires and magnets.
  • All parts are inspected and checked to ensure they are within manufacturer's tolerances and specifications.
  • Failed parts are replaced with original manufacturer components.
  • LVDT's are fully tested and flow or pressure calibrated.
  • Valve body is inspected to ensure it is within manufacturer's tolerances.
  • Body spool assembly is also checked for wear.
  • If needed body and/or body spool assembly is replaced with new Viton seals from the original manufacturer and a new filter from the valve manufacturer.
  • Torque motor and body are reassembled and tested to 100% of the performance specifications for flow and pressure established by the manufacturer.
  • Once tested to manufacturer's specifications, a test report and computer plot is included with the repair.