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Vacuum Boosters

Vacuum boosters, often referred to as blowers, are ever-present throughout industry.

They assist in and carry out an amazing number of applications, from aeration, agitation, air blasting, dusting and heat-treating to pumping, spraying and vacuum filtering, drying, folding and priming. Chances are good your facility is loaded with vacuum boosters and your operation can be seriously hampered when something goes wrong with one.

With our unique repair process and our reputation for rapid turnaround, you can trust Paragon Technologies to handle all of your vacuum booster repair needs, regardless of who manufactured it.

Our fully qualified, certified technicians have the experience necessary to return any vacuum booster product you send us to OEM specifications and get it back into your hands faster than anyone else on this planet. The same technician who performs your repair will also inspect it when it arrives. Our extensive in-house testing and reporting before your repaired vacuum booster is returned will make certain your repair is done right the first time, so your product always arrives ready for service sooner than you would expect.

Paragon Technologies is always working to reduce your downtime.

Our multiple locations make it easy for you to turn to Paragon, regardless of where you are, for quick repair of small or large positive displacement blowers, exhausters and rotary blowers of all types, protecting your budget from the high cost of replacement.

Just Some Of The Many Brands We Repair:

  • Roots
  • Edwards
  • Kinney
  • Oerlikon
  • And Many More!