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Hurricane City

We’ve worked hard to earn our success, but we also know there is much more at play, and we try to show our gratitude by giving back whenever we can.

Toward this end, we love supporting worthwhile non-profit efforts doing meaningful work we believe in. Hurricane City is one of those efforts and we support it every way we can.

Jim Williams created Hurricane City (called “Jim’s Hurricane Web”) on Geocities in 1997. He ended up registering the domain where it now resides,, in 1998. The site is called Hurricane City for several reasons.

First, the site features the city most threatened when a storm is on the move.

Second, the City Database on the site enables you to search for your city or island, to learn about its hurricane history. Third, the site’s City Rankings offer a ranking scale for which cities and islands get affected most by tropical systems in the entire Atlantic basin. Another reason; the predictions made on the site, at the beginning of each hurricane season, for the top cities and islands that Jim thinks are at high risk, based on a simple mathematical formula.

Since Jim started making his predictions in 2003, he has called at least four to six cities out of 20 each year that ended up getting hit. In 2005, on the site’s hurricane season kickoff show, Jim predicted almost exactly what happened as Katrina would hit mid-season.

As a result, has been mentioned on TV and radio, in newspapers and several magazines, and it’s a cause near and dear to our hearts at Paragon Technologies because of the amazing, extremely valuable work it presents.

Find out more and benefit from the services offered at Hurricane City by visiting We know you’ll be equally impressed and we encourage you, if you find the service as valuable as we have, to join Paragon in supporting Jim’s efforts.