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Quality Assurance

Don’t let how quickly we get you back up and running mislead you.

When you hand your problems to Paragon, you can rest assured every detail is covered, from the moment the repair leaves your hands until it’s returned to you, repaired to our highest standards and ready to get you back into operation.

Our commitment to quality is the focus of our repair process. From our incredibly talented and qualified technicians, to sourcing the best replacement components and parts that go into every repair, quality is the underlying value.

Paragon also continually upgrades and reviews virtually every one of the processes involved in every repair we perform for you. This keeps us ahead of the competition in repair quality and value every time.

To make certain Paragon always goes above and beyond what is required, we also have a full ISO9001:2015 status at all of our North American locations, further ensuring a quality repair for you – fast.