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Servo and Proportional Valves

Servo valves are directional valves with the capability of being infinitely positioned to provide control of both the amount and the direction of fluid flow.

By adjusting an electrical signal to a torque motor or similar device, a servo valve very accurately positions a spool to allow fluid flow through a passage. A servo valve coupled with the proper feedback sensing device provides very accurate control of the position, velocity, or acceleration of an actuator.

They are usually more accurate than a proportional control valve. They are typically used to control a cylinder, to control a hydraulic motor, or to operate the displacement control of a variable delivery pump.

Paragon Technologies has your servo valve solution when you need it.

When your problem is related to a servo valve, it can bring operations to a halt until it’s been properly repaired. Paragon’s multiple North American locations are all fully outfitted with the equipment and certified experienced technicians to get your repair completed reliably and fast. We’ll fix exactly what needs repaired and get it back into your hands lightning fast, because our main concern is keeping you always working. You’ll save an enormous amount of money over the cost of replacement, too.

Our Repair Procedures:

  • Visual inspection and evaluation on test stand for initial comparison to manufacturer's specifications.
  • Valve is disassembled.
  • Every part is chemically cleaned with solvents.
  • Torque motor is dismantled down to wires and magnets.
  • All parts are inspected and checked, to ensure they are within manufacturer's
  • tolerances and specifications.
  • Failed parts are replaced with original manufacturer components.
  • Torque Motor is totally remanufactured.
  • Each magnet in the coil is re-magnetized to full strength.
  • All nozzles are adjusted.
  • Feedback wire is checked for wear and performance.
  • Motor is rewired and assembled with new Viton Seals.
  • Torque motor is then tested and calibrated to manufacturer's specifications.
  • Valve Body is inspected to ensure it is within manufacturer's tolerances.
  • Body spool assembly is checked for wear.
  • If needed, the body and/or body spool assembly is replaced with new from the
  • original manufacturer, assembled using new Viton seals and a new filter from the valve manufacturer.
  • The torque motor and body are reassembled, tested to 100% of specifications for flow and pressure established by the manufacturer.
  • Once tested to manufacturer's specifications, a test report and computer plot is included with the repair.

Some of the many Servo Valve brands we repair:

  • Abex
  • Atchley
  • Bosch
  • Dynamic
  • Moog
  • Oilgear
  • Parker
  • Pegasus
  • Rexroth
  • Sunstrand
  • Vickers