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Cancer Awareness Robots

Meet Paragon’s Pair of Cancer Awareness Robots

Paragon Technologies takes great pride in our ability to keep you up and running. That’s why we’re always working with your up-time in mind. Our team of robots assists us in this goal by enabling us to fully test your repair program on the same equipment on which you’ll be putting your repair back into service.

We’re also committed to giving back to the world in a big way. One cause we’re devoted to is support for cancer awareness. To assist us, we’ve introduced two charming robots – Betty and Bob – to accomplish this goal. Betty’s pink and Bob is blue. They not only help make certain the repairs we provide you are ready-for-service when they arrive, they also help us attain our goal of spreading cancer awareness throughout the world.

Say hello to Betty. (Click Here!)

Say hello to Bob. (Click Here!)