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Electronic Boards

Electronic boards or printed circuit boards (PCB) are unusually plug-in or add-on devices that generally do not work as stand-alone items. Do to this fact, these are among the most complicated and time consuming repairs in the industry.

Paragon has invested millions of dollars in test equipment company wide. This department extensively uses two independent PINPOINT systems that allow us to reverse engineer a board and test the individual components in circuit.

This equipment originally was designed and used by Americas finest in the US military for their in-house repair needs.

These machines are designed to diagnose and perform circuit testing that is impossible to perform with normal bench tools.

Even with these amazing machines, it takes 1000’s of man-hours of training and bench work to become a proficient Paragon Pinpoint Technician.

Repair Procedures:

  • Replace LSI parts
  • Replace memory devices
  • Replace all electrolytic capacitors
  • Replace all marginal or faulty components
  • Flex test components for intermittent connections
  • In-circuit testing to ensure there are no defective traces or connections